This collection of stone and marble fireplaces are currently for sale at Walter S. Arnold Studio, Chicago. You can buy these fireplaces now or customize first to match your taste. All fireplaces are made in USA or Italy.

These marble and stone fireplaces for sale are currently in the showroom and ready for crating and shipping from Walter S. Arnold Studio. Buy fireplaces as they appear or call and customize to match your style. All fireplaces are made in USA or Italy. Classically trained in Italy. Custom, hand-carved, stone sculpture. Made in the USA and Italy.    Call for an estimate:  (847) 568-1188  or
buy fireplaces at Walter S. Arnold Studio. All fireplaces for sale are made in USA or Italy.

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Almost all of Walter Arnold's fireplaces are designed and carved to order, on commission, after a design consultation with the client. The client frequently wants the fireplace to serve as the focalpoint in a room that is already far along in the design process. But on occassion, Walter comes up with a design that he wants to make or he comes across difficult to obtain marble or stone and buys it and carves his own design without direction from a client or their designer. This small gallery features some of those fireplaces.

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