Natural stone home decorations by Walter S. Arnold Studio, Chicago. All items in this gallery of home decor and garden architecture are made in USA.

This is the stone home decor & custom marble sink gallery of Walter S. Arnold Studio, Chicago, USA. All home decor items you see here are hand carved and made in USA. Classically trained in Italy. Custom, hand-carved, stone sculpture. Made in the USA and Italy.    Call for an estimate:  (847) 568-1188  or
Welcome to the stone home decor and custom marble sink collection at Walter S. Arnold Studio, Chicago, USA. All of these home decor items are hand carved and made in USA.

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I love creating stone home decor pieces for my clients because I believe that art should be incorporated into everyday life. Art should not be distant, seen only when visiting galleries and museums. Rather, it should be something that we encounter and appreciate daily. The hand carved stone and marble sinks you see here were each custom designed after a design consultation with the client. Each original stone artwork is unique and created on commission.

Stone Home Decor Gallery