Here, stone carver, Walter Arnold gives an overview of how he carves a gargoyle from a raw block of stone.

How to carve a gargoyle Classically trained in Italy. Custom, hand-carved, stone sculpture. Made in the USA and Italy.    Call for an estimate:  (847) 568-1188  or

Carving a Gargoyle

Work in progress- University of Chicago Millenium Gargoyle
Follow my progress as I carve these two sculptures  
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University of Chicago Gargoyle:

This sculpture is a gift to the University from the Class of 1999. On a campus renowned for its wonderful gargoyles, this will be their first new one installed in decades.

This is a 24" wide version of my birdbath/centerpiece.  This carving was commissioned through this web site. The original 12" version and cast reproductions are available through my gargoyle store.
Rough block The original block and the model
Here are the rough blocks before I stated carving. Note the 12" model of the birdbath, and working drawings for the U. of C. gargoyle appear in the background of some of these photos.
Cutting the block to shape Cutting the base
Starting to rough out the blocks. Note that I started the U of C piece laying on its back. I started the Birdbath upside down, to cut the shape of the base.
Shaping the block Shaping the Birdbath
Here the forms start to take shape.
The form emerges Taking Shape...
Spreading its wings... The wings are getting formed
The work progresses, and the forms and details emerge from the limestone blocks.
Making a face... Carving the feathers
Strictly speaking, these are grotesques, not gargoyles. As I explain on my other Gargoyle pages, in modern times the word Gargoyle has become the accepted generic term for all manner of grotesques, griffins and chimeras and other fantastic creatures... visit my other pages to learn more about these sculptures.
In the niche Modelling the form and details
The completed University of Chicago Millennium Gargoyle. The birdbath nears completion.
Winged Gargoyle note the tools and carvings in the background.
Baby gargoyle
The baby gargoyle scampers up to get a drink

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