Stone Sculptor, Walter Arnold in various marble carving process photos taken in his Chicago studio.

Stone Sculptor Walter Arnold's History and Educational resource pages. Classically trained in Italy. Custom, hand-carved, stone sculpture. Made in the USA and Italy.    Call for an estimate:  (847) 568-1188  or

History & Educational:

Recommended Books:

These are some of my favorite books on gargoyles and sculpture.
Many are unusual and hard to find. See the links below.

Holy Terrors

European gargoyles; the author was kind enough to mention me on page 43.

Right, Angels!

This book serves as a photographic sketchbook and visual reference guide.  2007

American Gargoyles

Some of my work on the Washington Cathedral and restoration carvings I did for the Chicago Tribune Tower appear in this book.

Gargoyles, Guardians of the Gate

This is a video documentary. The section about the Washington Cathedral shows 13 gargoyles and grotesques which I carved.

Guide to Gargoyles and Other Grotesques on the Washington Cathedral

You'll find many of my carvings in this book. You can also buy this directly from the Washington Cathedral for $12.95.
Gothic Gargoyles

A very nice book, loads of excellent photos.

The Gargoyles and Grotesques of the Ohio Valley

Published 2009


The Medieval Menagerie

Animals of the Middle Ages

 Nightmares in the Sky: Gargoyles and Grotesques
Nightmares in the Sky, Gargoyles and Grotesques

Text by Stephen King. One of my restoration carvings for the Chicago Tribune Tower appears on p. 45, misattributed as being on the Wrigley Building.


A tiny book, it will be a fun little gift.

A Little Book of Gargoyles

A small book with nice pictures and stories

A Little Book of the Green Man

Another in the series with "A little book of Gargoyles"

Faces on Places

A children's book, an intro to architectural ornament (especially carved faces and creatures) and the craftspeople and artists who created these works.

Grotesques in Des Moines and Abroad

This wonderful book has several hundred pictures, a few of which I contributed. Some of those are photos of my work, others of wonderful sculptures I've seen in the U.S. and Europe.


Green Man

An old book, nice addition to your collection if you can find a copy.

A Cloisters Bestiary

Creatures from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

The Gargoyles of Notre Dame

Just published, this book hasn't shipped yet. You can pre-order it now. Over 300 illustrations.

Gargoyles and Grotesque

Lots of grainy black and white photos, carvings which you won't find in other books.

Gargoyles 2008 Wall Calendar

Gargoyle photos

Faces on Places
A Grotesque Tour of Toronto
By Terry Murray
Striking photographs of the stone denizens of more than sixty Toronto buildings. They are organized by the type of sculpture, with street addresses and suggested walking tours.
Available through the publisher or through

None of my work is depicted, since I don't have any carvings on Toronto buildings, but I'm quoted a couple of times in the book.

Strangely Wrought Creatures of Life & Death

A study of the folklore and symbolism of gargoyles, grotesques, griffins, dragons, unicorns and Green Men. Illustrated with 50 photos.

The Green Man

The first significant book on Green Men

The Gargoyle Book: 572 Examples from Gothic Architecture

by Lester Burbank Bridaham and Ralph Adams Cram.
Cram was the most prominent neo-Gothic architect in America.

The Green Man

This book also includes a green man plaque.

Gargoyles, Grotesques & Green Men: Ancient Symbolism in European & American Architecture
The Gothic Enterprise

An introduction to understanding Gothic cathedrals

Companion to Folklore, Myths & Customs of Britain

My Mirth Greenman appears on the cover.

Gargoyles for Children
Gargoyles and Medieval Monsters Coloring Book

Start your young artists out on the right foot (or paw?)

N is for Nostril

And G is for Gargoyles.
A fun alphabet book for young children, using good words like Yeti, Uvula, and Gargoyle to teach reading.

The Littlest Gargoyle

A charming story

Stone Carving

The Stone Carvers

Tells the story of the men I worked with on the Washington National Cathedral

Pugins Gothic Ornament

An essential sourcebook for anyone doing Gothic stonecarving or other Gothic design work.

Direct Carving in Stone

A classic from 1966 from an ornery, opinionated English stone carvers. One of the first books I found when I was starting out.

Cemeteries and Memorials
Graveyards of Chicago

Old cemeteries are museums of beautiful stonework. This is a guide to the graveyards of my home town.

Going Out in Style

Photos of Victorian cemetery sculpture and memorials

Victorian Cemetery Art
Italian Memorial Sculpture

Stunning examples of 19th century marble carving.

Guardians of the Soul

Angels and Innocents, Mourners and Saints--Indiana's Remarkable Cemetery Sculpture

London's Cemeteries

A small book, easy to carry around as a tour guide.

Beautiful Death

Cemetery sculpture

Saving Graces: Images of Women European Cemeteries.

The cover image is a stunning sculpture from Staglieno Cemetery in Genoa

Tree Stump Tombstones

The only book I've seen on these wonderful limestone memorials.

Family Crests
Heraldic Crests
Traditional Japanese Family Crests for Artists and Craftspeople
Wood Carving
Grinling Gibbons and the Art of Carving

Grinling Gibbons (1648-1721) set the standard for ornamental wood carving.


The Work of Grinling Gibbons

More of Grinling Gibbons exceptional work


Wood Spirits and Green Men

Chris Pye is a contemporary English woodcarver, teacher and author.
This is a guide to carving greenmen in wood.


Carving Gargoyles

 Shawn Cipa has given us a wonderful and thorough introduction to my beloved gargoyles. The tutorials are clear and easy to follow. This is a must-have book for all gargoyle aficionados, not just for wood carvers.

The United States Capitol

For more than half a century, Henry Hope Reed has been the foremost spokesman for the cause of tradition in civic design. This book uses the U.S. Capitol as a means to explain all the elements of classical architecture, and includes an extensive visual glossary of ornamentation and design.
Guided by a Stonemason

You'll look at stone buildings differently after reading this book. A stonemason who worked in many countries, the author explains how stone was shaped and used to construct buildings.
The Golden City

A pictorial argument in favor of classical architecture. Learn to understand and appreciate classical form and proportion. An easy read.


Baroque and Rococco

Architecture, sculpture and painting of the Baroque and Rococco periods

Gothic Architecture: 158 Plates from the Brandons' Treatise, 1847

A Dover reprint of a classic design source.

The Villas of Palladio

Descriptions and large format pen and ink watercolor renderings of all 32 villas designed by one of the most influential Italian architects, Palladio.


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