Walter installing a large marble statue called Vittoria Alata. This statue is a figure in the round. It's being installed in a private bedroom.

How to install a full figure in the round marble statue Classically trained in Italy. Custom, hand-carved, stone sculpture. Made in the USA and Italy.    Call for an estimate:  (847) 568-1188  or
Marble Statue, Vittoria Alata

Sports Panels: University of Chicago

These are for the new Kovler Gym at the Lab School
Golfer putting
Track runner - relief panel Gymnast on the Beam
I designed and carved 13 relief panels depicting high school athletes for the new gymnasium at the University of Chicago Laboratory School. Each panel measures 2' x 2' x 5" and weighs about 200 lbs. The building is located at  59th St. and Kimbark Ave., right on the Midway on the U. of C. Campus. I've also carved a large crest for the building, which is shown at the bottom of this page.
Sculpture in progress - sports panels Working drawing for the Lacrosse panel

Work in progress- on the left are the volleyball and lacrosse panels, with the outside moldings cut and the carving blocked out. On the right is my working drawing for the lacrosse panel, with annotations. Below are the completed volleyball and lacrosse carvings. The scenes are set in and around campus buildings. The boys and girls are in common gym classes, so they are shown playing together, and the carvings reflect the diversity of the student body.

Volleyball players

La Crosse competition in the midway
Last winter I carved a gargoyle for the University of Chicago, their first new carving of this type in 60 or 70 years. You can view the progress of that and another gargoyles- visit create.html.
Track Star installed in random ashlar limestone wall

The track runner installed- "a race well run"
Tennis - the work is roughed out The tennis player
These two photos above show the tennis player. The first shows the work in progress, with the figure roughed out, and the next is the finished relief panel.
Below are the baseball player and the fencers.
You can now send free e-postcards of these student athletes from my postcard pages.
Baseball player throwing the ball en garde - fencers
Soccer game Swimmer
Ballroom dance in the new gym Weightlifter pumping iron Shooting hooms on Chicago's South Side
I've also created three Athlete Gargoyle Benches for the same building. Click here
For the South face of the building I carved this large crest featuring the Lab School Shield. 
Phoenix rising from the ashes

This crest is carved from two blocks of stone, totaling 6'6" tall and 4'4" wide (2 m x 1.3 m). When finished it will weigh about 1600 lbs. (over 700k)
Raised letters on the banner

Here I've nearly finished the raised lettering on the upper panel. Note that I've cut back around the letters to leave a very rough background texture. This is to create contrast, so it will read well from a great distance.

The Phoenix rising from the ashes,
symbol of the U. of C.
The Phoenix is ready to rise again...