Walter S. Arnold, Sculptor/Stone Carver: Classically trained in Italy. Custom hand-carved stone sculpture. Made in the USA and Italy.

Walter S. Arnold Sculptor/Stonecarver: Classically trained in Italy. Custom hand-carved stone sculpture. Made in the USA and Italy.Classically trained in Italy. Custom, hand-carved, stone sculpture. Made in the USA and Italy.    Call for an estimate:  (847) 568-1188  or

Families and Categories of Natural Marble

There are over 3000 varieties of natural stone available in the U.S. Market.

This collection illustrates representative examples of the major families of marble. The groups indicate the color and characteristics of each family. Select an individual family to view thumbnail previews of those marbles. Individual marbles can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails. You can also view the marbles using the alphabetized list

This page is offered as a reference and resource presenting the wide variety of beautiful marble available. I don't stock or sell this marble, but I use it to create individual hand carved sculpture.
I have more marble images available on

Arabescato Rosa Rosso Travertino
Azul / Azzuro / Bardiglio / Beola / Nero
Verde Bianco Carrara Bianco Statuario More Bianco
Botticino / Breccia / Calacatta Perlato / Perlino / Portoro / Pietra
Cremo / Duchessa / Emperator / Fior Di Pesco / Fosile / Grigio
Moncervetto / Noisette / Palissandro / Peperino / Serizzo / Serpeggiante
Miscellaneous 1 Miscellaneous 2

Note that almost all Green Marble is actually Serpentine, not Marble. From a usage and commercial standpoint, this distinction doesn't matter, but it may put these stones in a different, and higher, import duty classification in the United States. The customs departments of most other countries do not make this distinction. In a similar vein, Black Granite is generally Basalt, and is charged a higher import duty.

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